Internal Committees

  1. Societies Affair committee :          Dr Jokha Al Kalbani
  2. Media committee:                            Dr Mustafa Alhinai
  3. Website committee:                        Dr Mustafa Alhinai
  4. Marketing committee:                   Dr Abdulaziz Al Sawai
  5. Scientific committee:                     Dr Taha Al Lawati
  6. Financial committee:                     Dr Jafar Suliman
  7. Legal committee:                             Dr Salim Al Rahbi

Contributions and Participation

1- The National Committee for Medical Response.

2- The National Committee for Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases.

3- Communicable Diseases Response Committee.

4- The Unification of Salaries Committee.

5- Certificate Check Committee.

6- Medical Responsibility Law.

7- Private Health Establishments Practicing Law.

8- The Foundations of Partnership with Private Health Establishments.