OMA Conference

  • OMA Conference

    Starting date: 1 - Dec - 2016

    Timing: 1:1

    Duration: 1 Hours

    Oman Medical Association is a nonprofit professional body which represents an independent voice for doctors in Oman. Established in 2001 with a decree from the ministry of social development and it is guided in its work by the laws laid down by the said ministry. A group of senior doctors from different governmental and private sectors then became the founding members of the OMA. There are currently at least 26 specialized medical and surgical societies under its umbrella. An executive board of 8 members is elected every 3 years during the Annual General Meeting.
    Since its inception OMA has been active in organizing many educational events targeting professionals in the medical field as well as the public. It is also actively involved in the charity works nationally and internationally. On the other hand, OMA established strong links with the GCC and Arab Medical Associations and has been participating regularly in their meetings. Recently OMA, as part of its duty to fight for the rights of the doctors in Oman, has played a pivotal role in putting forward the doctors’ demands to the health authorities for improvement in the doctors’ overall status and job satisfaction as well as healthcare system in Oman.

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