Welcome to Oman Medical Association.

Please review the rules before registration according to the Ministerial Decision No. (88/2001) of Proclamation of Oman Medical Association.


Part two( membership)

Chapter one : membership terms and conditions

Article(5): membership is granted to anyone who fits following conditions:

  • Active members
  • Associated members
  • Honorary members

Active members

  1. Must be Omani citizen.
  2. Must have an academic qualification in medical science recognized by specialized authorities in Oman.
  3. Must be a good conduct.
  4. To undertake in writing to respect the Omani laws and the associationís principles and ethics.

Associated members: for those who are non-Omani buy hold an academic medical qualification approved by authorities in the Sultanate. Those members will have all the duties and rights as active members except the right to vote, elect or to be nominated.

Honorary members : the board of director have the right to grant the honorary members to any person who provide a great service to the nation, the medical service, or the association. The ministry should be notified before granting the membership and the member will be exempted from the membership regular procedures and the fees.


Article(6): the person who wishes to join the association must apply to the secretary general of the board of directors , must fill the specified application form, the application should be registered in a serial numbering, then it should be presented to the board of directors, the applicant will be informed with the board decision .


part two

chapter two: memberís duties and rights- the lose of membership

Article (7): All members must respect the civil associations law provisions which was issued by the Royal decree No 14\2000 , and to consider joing the association as a voluntary work with the goal of assisting and helping the citizens ,and to try their best to achieve the associationsís goals , the member must:

  • Participate in all the associationís activities as much as he/she can.
  • Represent the association as a good conduct.
  • Encourage and support the associationís activities.
  • Not abuse the association in any way.( Respect the association and her members and avoid engagement in any verbal or physical abuse act)
  • Adhere to and abide by the decisions made by the board of directors and approved by the general assembly.
  • Pay any fees determined by the board of directors and approved by the general assembly.
  • Abide by the professional ethics, code of honors and laws.

Article (8): Active member has the right to attend all the board of directors meetings , and also has the right to nominate himself\herself† to join the board of directors only after completing two years at least of joining the association , the member mush meet all the conditions needed to be a board member.


Article (9): members will lose their membership under these situations:

  • Death
  • Lose of any of the membership conditions.
  • Annual cost is three months late, the member should be notified by an official letter.

The loss of membership decision is issued by the board of directors, the member should be notified within 15 days from the date the decision was made, the member can plaint to the general assembly in their first meeting after the dismissal decision date, and in that case the general assembly decision is the certified one.


Article (10): Dismissed members† who lost their membership due to delay of annual cost payment can re-join the association by paying all the Arrears.


Article(11): neither the members who lost their membership nor their heirs are allowed for any reason to reimburse previous membership fees payments or donations , they have no right in the associationís money.


Article (12): It is allowed for members who lost their membership due to withdrawal or the loss of one of the membership conditions to re-join the association only after completing one year at least, a written pledge should be provided undertaking not to repeat same action that led to the loss of the membership, the decision should be taken by the board of members.

I have read and agree to the Rules of OMA

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